Voyage Marketing to Sell Finance Domains at Record Prices

August 5, 2022

Voyage Marketing

After the sale of for $30 million, domain names with staggering value and prestige are set to be sold in the world of finance.

Acquiring these domains gives companies a tremendous advantage in marketing their products, inserting themselves into the lives and cultures of the people they impact, and invaluable uniqueness.”
— Ryan Etheridge
PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2022 / -- Following the sale of for $30 million, Voyage Marketing has announced a Designer Domain™ sale for the finance industry. With various influential financial cities and terms as the domain names and what Voyage calls "a finance marketing game-changing domain ending", the sale will set a record-breaking year in domain history.

"We see tremendous opportunity to change the course of marketing in the finance industry, which is known for its slow adoption of new marketing concepts," said Ryan Etheridge, Chief Marketing Officer of Voyage Marketing. "We've serviced very well-appointed organizations in every sector, and we're most excited about this moment," he continued.

Voyage Marketing is offering "one-word" domains containing world finance juggernauts such as New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Also on the table is the coveted neighborhoods of Palm Beach and Beverly Hills, as well as one-word domains with terms such as loans, mortgages, and hedge funds: three multi-trillion dollar sectors.

"Acquiring these domains gives companies a tremendous advantage in marketing their products and inserting themselves into the lives and cultures of certain cities, sectors, and demographics. Just imagine controlling the market with such a campaign. It's an amazing concept to have people type in .finance instead of an ambiguous .com," Etheridge elaborated.

On the Voyage marketing website, buyers can submit offers now. However, the sale doesn't technically start until August 22nd. "We've received offers upwards of $50 million for a single domain. However, we must be careful because we want the new owners to be good stewards of these prized digital assets," said Etheridge.

Domains offered include :

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